Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini

#BookReview for Kite Runner The core story of The Kite Runner is very strong. Amir, the main protagonist is a motherless child of a very popular but distant Baba. He has grown up with Hassan, a member of the abused Hazara community who is both Amir's best friend and servant. However, in a moment of timidity and fear, Amir betrays Hassan, refusing to help him in his darkest hour. This changes the nature of their relationship and creates a rift between Hassan and Amir. In the end, Hassan and his father…

Hello world!

Hello World #Reading Hello there! My name is Mary Martina. I love reading and blogging and all sorts of bookish things! Based between Mumbai and Delhi, Musings of a Reader will bring you the best in all things bookish – from weekly book reviews, to literary merchandise, to exclusive book guides and beyond. Musings of a Reader blog began around 2014 in the hopes of connecting people to books that I have loved and inspired me in some way or the other. Ironically, I am not a fan of writing as…

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