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Severus Snape, Harry Potter #CharacterSketches

Undoubtedly, Severus Snape is one of the fascinating characters in the entire Harry Potter series. When I started reading Harry Potter, I was not too fond of Snape with almost the same intensity that he hated Harry. It took only one chapter (The Prince’s Tale) in the last book of the series to change the same hatred to immense love, awe and admiration. Once again J.K. Rowling had taken me by surprise because, in the entire series, there was nothing to back Snape except the unwavering faith of Albus Dumbledore. And then after he killed Dumbledore, I thought he was beyond redemption and that he was as evil as Voldemort, if not more.

One of the best things that I felt about Snape was the fact that he was as flawed and imperfect as each of us is. As J.K. Rowling points out in her interview that Snape is a complicated man when she says, ”He’s bitter. He’s spiteful. He’s a bully. All these things are still true of Snape, even at the end of this book. But was he brave? Yes, immensely. […] Was he capable of love? Very definitely. So he’s – he’s a very – he was a flawed human being, like all of us.”

But what matters is that even though he might have taken some wrong decisions in the beginning, he more than anyone else corrected it in the end by acting as a double agent for Dumbledore at great risk to his personal safety and security. Somewhere down the line he truly lived with the saying, ”True redemption iswhen guilt leads to good.” (The Kite Runner)

What did I Learn From Snape?

Well, a lot of things. Obviously, he taught me that judging someone before knowing them is not worth either the time or the effort. But I feel what he truly taught me was that heroes are not defined by their birth, but by their actions. It is the manner in which we live that determines whether we die a hero or a villain.  And above everything, Snape taught me the power of love and loyalty, even when the same love is not reciprocated.

Note: A word of appreciation for Alan Rickman who played the role of Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies. There could not have been a better Snape ever. You were born to play that role…:)

Favourite Quotes Of Snape

Hang on…Harry muttered to Ron. There’s an empty chair at the staff table.Where’s Snape?
Maybe he’s ill! said Ron hopefully.
Maybe he’s left, said Harry, because he missed out on the Defense Against the Dark Arts job again!
Or he might have been sacked! said Ron enthusiastically. I mean, everyone hates him —
Or maybe, said a very cold voice right behind them, he’s waiting to hear why you two didn’t arrive on the school train.
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears
After all this time?
Always, said Snape.

J.K. Rowling • Author/Harry Potter series

Snape gazed for a moment at Dumbledore, and there were revulsion and hatred etched in the harsh lines of his face.
Severus please
Snape raised his wand and pointed it directly at Dumbledore. Avada Kedavra!
– Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Lookatme…he whispered. The green eyes found the black, but after a second, something in the depths of the dark pair seemed to vanish, leaving them fixed, blank, and empty. The hand holding Harry thudded to the floor, and Snape moved no more.
-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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