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There’s nothing we love more than home accessories inspired by literature here at Musings of a Reader. Modern and stylish, this literary-based ceramic mug is an excellent addition to your mug collection!

This white ceramic mug is apt for travellers who have a deep passion for travel – the kind that demands unflinching sustenance amid distractions from a thousand notifications. If you believe in the same, add this to your cart right away.

Know someone who loves to travel? This coffee mug is also a great gifting option for them.

Composition & Care for Ceramic & Magic Mug

  • Ceramic
  • 11 ounce (330 ml) capacity
  • Gloss finish
  • Printed with 3D sublimation technology
  • Microwaveable and Dishwasher safe

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Travel quote on coffee mug
Collect Moments, Not Things

As a traveller, you are often taking; taking from a place and the people who offer up their time to you, because they are kind or because a common friend has introduced you, or because they are curious or bored, or because you are from a place which has captured their imagination through a film or book. You are also giving: through consuming, you contribute to local economies.

You get to know the local vendor or earn your own nickname at the town’s favourite bar. Go to your favourite restaurant daily, because you’re staying long enough to commit to its familiarity. Get involved in ecotourism; meet and sponsor the education of a few children in the town, help build a house or plant a tree. Read a book without the interruptions occasioned by a short trip— you may never forget reading City of Djinns: A Year In Delhi by William Dalrymple in Delhi, The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy in Kerala or Amitav Ghosh in the Sunderbans.

If you are also a fan of slow yet decadent travel, the above quote beautifully describes how true travel can leave a lasting impact on your lives. Available in white, this ceramic mug also makes for an incredible gift. Pair the mug with our incredible range of coasters, that you can check out here.



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