Rachel & Ross (Set of 2 Mugs)


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There’s nothing we love more than home accessories inspired from literature here at Musings of a Reader. This literary mug is quirky and fun, which is why it is a perfect gift for this Valentine Day – you can buy this for yourself or for your favourite couple.

Composition & Care

– Ceramic
– Dishwasher and microwave safe
– White and glossy

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In the episode finale of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Rachel gets off of the plane and gives up going to Paris. For the fans, it is the moment they were waiting for one decade! It seems that now Ross and Rachel had they happy ending and would be together forever.

And one of the most important lesson that they taught us is that it takes time to find your one true love {or lobster as Phoebe says}. When you meet the love of your life, it might not be immediately clear to you that he or she is the one. From the hopeless high school crush to the time when Rachel finally gets off the plane and decides to be with Ross, the couple goes through a crazy ride of events that leaves them wondering if they were actually meant for each other. But, the best part is, the two finally get their acts together and live happily ever after. At least, that’s the way we like to think. To all the hopeless romantics out there, do not lose hope because time takes time.

Even though there are more things to love about Friends than to dislike, after rewatching all 10 seasons (for about the 50th time), we will always believe that Monica and Chandler are each other’s lobsters. If you loved F.R.I.E.N.D.S, {or have binged it with your partner} this coffee cup is no brainer for you and your special someone.


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