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An original Musings of a Reader design, our inspirational quote inspired notebook is the perfect travel companion. Compact in size, drop it into your bag and write your notes anywhere you go.

The quote on the notebook is inspired by the character of Dobby from the Harry Potter series. Below is the quote that inspires the design of this notebook.

Dobby! she screamed, and even Bellatrix froze. You! You dropped the chandelier –? The tiny elf trotted into the room, his shaking finger pointing at his old mistress. “You must not hurt Harry Potter, he squeaked. Kill him, Cissy! shrieked Bellatrix, but there was another loud crack, and Narcissa’s wand too flew into the air and landed on the other side of the room. You dirty little monkey! bawled Bellatrix. How dare you take a witch’s wand, how dare you defy your masters?

Dobby has no master! squealed the elf. “Dobby is a free elf, and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends! Harry’s scar was blinding him with pain. Dimly he knew that they had moments, seconds before Voldemort was with them. Ron, catch – and GO! he yelled, throwing one of the wands to him; then he bent down to tug Griphook out from under the chandelier. Hoisting the groaning goblin, who still clung to the sword, over one shoulder, Harry seized Dobby’s hand and spun on the spot to Disapparate. As he turned into the darkness, he caught one last view of the drawing-room of the pale, frozen figures of Narcissa and Draco, of the streak of red that was Ron’s hair, and a blue of flying silver, as Bellatrix’s knife flew across the room at the place where he was vanishing – Bill and Fleur’s . . . Shell Cottage . . . Bill and Fleur’s . . . He had disappeared into the unknown; all he could do was repeat the name of the destination and hope that it would suffice to take him there. The pain in his forehead pierced him, and the weight of the goblin bore down upon him; he could feel the blade of Gryffindor’s sword bumping against his back: Dobby’s hand jerked in his; he wondered whether the elf was trying to take charge, to pull them in the right direction, and tried, by squeezing the fingers, to indicate that that was fine with them. . . . And then they hit solid earth and smelled salty air. Harry fell to his knees, relinquished Dobby’s hand, and attempted to lower Griphook gently to the ground. Are you all right? he said as the goblin stirred, but Griphook merely whimpered. Harry squinted around through the darkness. There seemed to be a cottage a short way away under the wide starry sky, and he thought he saw movement outside it. Dobby, is this Shell Cottage? he whispered, clutching the two wands he had brought from the Malfoys’, ready to fight if he needed to. Have we come to the right place? Dobby? He looked around. The little elf stood feet from him. DOBBY!

The elf swayed slightly, stars reflected in his wide, shining eyes. Together, he and Harry looked down at the silver hilt of the knife protruding from the elf’s heaving chest. “Dobby – no – HELP! Harry bellowed toward the cottage, toward the people moving there. “HELP! He did not know or care whether they were wizards or Muggles, friends or foes; all he cared about was that a dark stain was spreading across Dobby’s front and that he had stretched out his own arms to Harry with a look of supplication. Harry caught him and laid him sideways on the cool grass. “Dobby, no, don’t die, don’t die – The elf’s eyes found him, and his lips trembled with the effort to form words. “Harry . . . Potter . . . And then with a little shudder, the elf became quite still, and his eyes were nothing more than great glassy orbs, sprinkled with light from the stars they could not see.

-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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Whether it’s your list of TBR books or your plans to conquer the world, our range of Harry Potter-themed notebooks is the perfect companion for all your shenanigans. Stay organized and be stylish at the same time – add it to your cart now.


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Features of the book

  • Wiro Bound – We use the wire-O binding in the notebooks to give it a classy look and to help it lay flat when opened.
  • Compact – We make our notebooks in the A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inches) to be carried easily everywhere.
  • Quality – The stiff front & back cover is 300 GSM paper, and its 150-sided 75 pages use 70 GSM unruled natural shade paper.
  • Crisp Prints – The front and back covers are printed with ultra-HD inks to provide super-rich and crisp prints.


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