Darcy & Elizabeth (Set of 2 Mugs)


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There’s nothing we love more than home accessories inspired from literature here at Musings of a Reader. This literary mug is quirky and fun, which is why it is a perfect gift for this Valentine Day – you can buy this for yourself or for your favourite couple.

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When Elizabeth Bennet is proposed to by Mr Darcy (marrying him would be the best career move a young woman could make in the early 1800s) she turns him down because of his character. Darcy has been able to have his actions go unchecked because he used his privilege as a wealthy male landowner. He is arrogant and prideful and worst of all, offends Elizabeth while proposing to her. Even though they end up together by the end of the novel (200-year-old spoilers!), Elizabeth rejects him initially with good reason.

She doesn’t suppose that she should marry him for the money and privilege he’ll bring her, or think that she can make it her quest to turn him into a better man. She points out his character flaws and then continues with her life. He unexpectedly comes back into her life much later, however, it’s not until Darcy shows Elizabeth that he has spent time working on himself and has made amends for his mistakes that she begins to accept him. The best part? He makes these changes without hoping for the reward of her affection. He changes for himself, even trying to keep his good deeds a secret because he does not expect a reward in return. That, I think, it what makes Darcy a fictional man who has captured the hearts of so many real women over the past two centuries.

Through the course of the story, Elizabeth also experiences growth and changes of perspective. This means that when the two of them come together in marriage, it is on a more equal, mature footing. In spite of the disparity of their wealth and the social privileges of Darcy’s gender, Elizabeth does think of them as equals. And that is what love should do in every person’s life, right?

This mug for couples is a testimony to beauty and resilience that true love brings into our lives, just like it did in Pride & Prejudice. If you loved the book {or have done a readathon of it with your partner} this coffee cup is no brainer for you and your special someone.


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