Travel Makes You Modest


There’s nothing we love more than home accessories inspired from literature here at Musings of a Reader. Modern and stylish, this literary-based ceramic mug is a great addition to your mug collection!

This white ceramic mug is apt for travel lovers, especially for those who know and believe that there are very few things in the world that can stir up the senses like travel. That’s not all – with time our expectations from travel has also changed. Before, a good holiday meant a beautiful destination with great accommodation; trip souvenirs were just a bunch of photographs. Today, travel isn’t just about that; it’s more about where that destination takes you. We no longer want to collect just photographs, we want to hoard memories.

If you like us, believe in the same get your hand on this ceramic mug, that is a great gifting option as well. Buy now.

Composition & Care
– Dishwasher and microwave safe
– Black and glossy

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Quote by Gustave Flaubert
Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world

There are many reasons why we travel. But one of the most important reason is that it helps us understand what is really important in life, regardless of where we come from. Whether or not we can see the sunrise/sunset in the bay, or surf on store-bought surfboards or in a hand-carved canoe, whether our smiles are stained by candy or betel nut, laughter is understood in any language. And a meal always tastes better when it’s shared, and a spontaneous dance party can happen anywhere.

And maybe this is why we travel — it provides us with a portal to revelation, coming into landscapes that are peculiar and vast, where the absence of external barriers breaks down the internal ones, and we feel something universal. Travel points us back into ourselves.

So if you like us believe that travel is an essential part of life, then this ceramic mug is the ideal addition to your collection. Available in white, this ceramic mug also makes for an incredible gift. Pair the mug with our incredible range of coasters, that you can check out here.


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