All Animals are Equal, Animal Farm


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Make a statement with our clean-cut coasters that can bring a dash of your spirit to your chillout sessions and readathons at home. Our tough coasters are made to save your table from scratches and spills.

After all, when you are reading your favourite book, you need a coaster to keep your drink safe and sturdy. As they say, eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably. Plus, if you are a fan of Animal Farm, do you even need an extra incentive to buy this?

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This incredible coaster is a must-have for literary fans. Inspired by Animal Farm by George Orwell, this coaster is a great way to break the clutter and add some literary magic to your life.

Animal Farm is an ostensible fairy tale-esque story of farm animals, it’s really a thinly veiled allegory for the Soviet Union. The animals are led by a pair of pigs, Snowball (Trotsky) and Napoleon (Stalin), who leads a rebellion against the owner of the farm. The animals successfully drive him out and establish the so-called Animal Farm. They agree to adopt the Seven Commandments of Animalism as their constitution. The most important of these is the last commandment: “All animals are equal.”

 As they start gaining more control over animal farm, they completely take over it and misuse it for their own benefits. What this quote means is that tough all animal are equal, but some have more privilege, power, advantage than others.

Product Features

Hard MDF –  We use 2.5 mm thick medium density fibreboard to make coasters with your design on the front and a brown back.
Crisp Prints – We use sublimation printing technology for our coasters because of which the designs get a catchy fresh look on them.
Gloss Finish– A glossy finish to make the colours look more vibrant and the setting more lively.
Perfect Size – The right size coasters we make for you are 90 x 90 mm with rounded corners, just perfect to rest your drinks on.




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