A Room Without Books


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This tank top is a must-have for all those who love creative quotes showcased imaginatively. Whether you love a bookish quote or want something uniquely stylish, this tank top for women is a great addition to your collection.

There is a humorous scene from an episode of Seinfeld where George asks his best friend Jerry to go over to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment to pick up some books that he forgot to take before he broke up with her. Jerry mocks him by asking why people insist on keeping the books they have already read in their homes as some trophy on their shelves. On the surface, Jerry is right; doesn’t it make more sense for us to save money by renting books from the library and then returning them once we are done? Why do we decorate our walls with books we all too often haven’t even read?  Are we proud to own Moby Dick or a biography of our favourite idol because we think that this somehow says something about our character?

I, too, have a mini library in my home, and I stare at my books. My books have deep sentimental value, and my collections show the various stages in my intellectual development.  I love to keep a record of how I have progressed since my early reading days. Further, my TBR books are a reminder of where I hope to be – the person I hope to be – someday in the future. I hope that these books will change how I think, behave, feel, and connect with others; such a transformation is beyond the physical and can change one’s temperament and spirit.  Perhaps we truly are feeding our souls when we pick up a book.

So following Cicero’s metaphor, one can say that a room lacks meaning and definition without books. The room need not even be a physical place; the room in our hearts must be decorated with the beautiful pages of literary masterpieces. Most books are indeed bastions of knowledge and insight into the human condition, which is why this quote is true on so many levels. If you agree with us {and this quote}, add this tank top with this beautiful quote to your shopping cart right away.


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