The God of Small Things
    • The God of Small Things


      Love—both found and lost, carnal and spiritual—drives almost every character in The God of Small Things. Another pivotal theme in this book is crimes, but even more guilt and {perhaps the most terrible taskmaster of all} imagined guilt.

      Set initially in 1969 (and looking back twenty-three years later) in the village of Ayemenem, state of Kerala, the family story revolves around the lives of fraternal twins, a boy, Estha, and a girl, Rehal. They live with their divorced mother, Ammu, Grandaunt Baby Kochamma, Uncle Chacko, and grandparents, Mammachi and Pappachi. Their family runs a pickle factory. Cousin Sophie Mol and her mother arrive from England for a visit, and their lives change forever.

      This poster is inspired by Kerala, where the entire story unfolds. Even so, this book spans three generations and three continents and
      sometimes moves with blinding speed across the miles and years. An essential reading, make sure you add both the book and poster to your collection right now.

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