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      Written by Manto, Bombay Stories is an incredibly written book. A short story writer, journalist and scriptwriter for films and radio in India and later Pakistan, Manto is essential reading. Manto has a way of describing ordinary things in an extraordinary way and that is what makes reading his books so delightful.

      Originally written in Urdu and translated into English by Matt Reeck and Aftab Ahmad, Bombay Stories is a collection of fourteen stories flows with a definite fluidity presenting vibrant emotions and colours of life – love and detachment, mirth and the melancholy. Brewed in the cheap alleys of pre-independent Bombay, amidst the low lives and the pleasure-seekers and the wannabes, these stories pick up the commonplace, every day, and make it shine like embers. His effortlessness is envious.

      This poster is inspired by both the novel and stories by Manto. An essential reading, make sure you add both the book and poster to your collection right now.

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